Welcome to Sokobano!

An entertaining implementation of the old Japanese game Sokoban featuring nice 3D graphics and intuitive controls. Written in Java (requires installed Java version 6 or above).

All platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac) supported.

The sourcecode and most resources (see readme.txt for details) are Open Source (GPL).

Features include:

  1. 3D graphics, skins & workers
  2. Several level sets increasing in difficulty (thanks to sokobano.de)
  3. Resume & replay mode
  4. Intuitive mouse and keyboard control
  5. Background audio and sounds

Have fun! To support Sokobano and the development of our future projects:


Windows 7 fixes, improvements & new levels

- On Windows 7, colors are now displayed correctly
- Replay now supports camera controls
- 2 new levelsets
- minor graphical polish

...and nearly 2.000 downloads since april 2009. Yes, the Sokobano worker celebrates its first birthday :)

New Levelset & Improvements

Finally, a new handmade levelset "another day" by s_ftschi has been added. The new release also contains some smaller improvements on sound & graphics.

More than 500 Downloads...

Only 65,035 to go!

A new time has come!

This week, a new Sokoban has risen from the holy ground where only the most advanced and bright shining games like this one are created by the gods of java. Now, it is up to you to join the worldwide fanbase and become part of what media call the dawn of sokoban...

A Forum and a Guestbook are awaiting your comments on the project!

Further information:

This Sokoban clone was first released in march 2009, initially emerging from a small university project. Hosted on Sourceforge Get Sokobano at SourceForge.net. Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads for maintenance and improvements. Written entirely in Java/Eclipse using LWJGL OpenGL.

Authors: Martin Tschirsich, Artem Vovk, Shuo Yang and Zijad Maksuti.

Reviews and further downloads: